Muharrem Yildirim


A Leap in the Dark

A Leap in the Dark
Muharrem Yildirim, Haylee Bolinger

“A Leap in the Dark” is an audio visual interactive installation where the simple act of jumping on a trampoline is augmented by audio visual feedback.

As the participant jumps/moves on the trampoline, minor changes happening on the surface of the trampoline is sensed and this data is used to create sound and a generative animation projection mapped on the surrounding surface.

The animation is based on simple rules of physics, such as nodes connected by springs. The participant interacts with the physical system, moving on the trampoline, which effects the projected image by pushing the nodes outward emphasizing pressure and stress. This simple interaction is augmented by a 3D animation, as the surface moves, shadows in the animation creates beautiful optical illusions

The phrase, “A Leap in the Dark” means ‘an act whose results cannot be predicted’, which also references to the main purpose of using generative systems where the participant cannot predict how the systems is going to react to their movement. For each participant, the output of the system creates unique generative graphics and sound that evolves with simple rules of physics.

The goal of this artwork is creating an immersive interactive space where participant values the intimate experience, and the viewer observes the complex movement of both the participant and the responsive imagery and sound.

Developed with Processing and MadMapper.


Exhibition, International Digital Media and Arts Association Exhibition, November 2013, Laguna Beach, California, USA
Exhibition, 404 Festival, August 2013, Rosario, Argentina
Exhibition, Slipstream, The Icehouse Phoenix, December 2012, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Thanks to Ramiro Pasch and Rodrigo Manuel Torregrosa for the pictures.