Muharrem Yildirim


Collaborators: Matthew Briggs, David Tinapple

Desiccation means a complete, or nearly complete deprivation of water that can be observed in forms of desiccation cracks (mudcracks) in nature in extreme hot and dry climate conditions.

Aesthetically combining this idea and another nature inspired design pattern (Voronoi diagram), we came up with the following design. We created a mirror, where every piece is tilted with slightly different angles that enabled us to use it as a reflective surface to project onto a wall through the mirror.

The mirror is laser cut and glued back on an MDF base, where every piece on the base is sanded to make the pieces reflect the light slightly different angles. As a light source, a projector is used. The mirror also was sitting on a wheel that could be spun freely.

The content that was projected onto the mirror was a processing sketch that creates beautiful patterns using noise and blending the colors of the primitive shapes that were drawn on the animation.

Exhibition, Emerge, ASU Digital Culture Gallery, March 2013, Tempe, Arizona, USA