Muharrem Yildirim

Immerge: A Unique Interactive Performance


Immerge engages visitors in creating a new myth of renewal for the digital age. Visitors will interact with installations, architectural projections, giant spiders, and other fantastical creatures, all within a multi-layered sonic environment generated by live musicians. An interdisciplinary team of ASU faculty and student artists collaborated to produce this immersive and carnivalesque narrative performance in which bubbling streams of water transform a desolate environment.

Water is a source of life and vitality. Significantly, in our story, the water flows from the roofs of the building that house ASU’s arts facilities. Hence, the central metaphor of Immerge: art, imagination and creativity are sources of life and vitality; they are transformational forces that likewise sustain us.
But sustaining life, like sustaining the creative process, involves struggle. Thus the Immerge story envisions collective and connected action as a means of overcoming obstacles and adversity. As the conflict in the story escalates, the characters will engage the audience and mobilize them in a collaborative rite of renewal and rebirth.

For the performance I worked with a team for the projection mapping, and developed a tool to be used by one of the performers. The tool allowed the performer to use a laser pointer to draw on the projection surface and direct/redirect the water simulation pouring over the building. Laser tracking is developed with openFrameworks.

All the collaborators can be found here.

Performance, Immerge: Interactive Performance, March 2012, Tempe, Arizona, USA