Muharrem Yildirim

Frida V.

in collaboration with Luka Frelih (Ljudmila Digital Media Lab, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Frida V. (Free Ride Data Acquisition Vehicle) is a rugged and comfortable bicycle equipped for efficient explora- tion and mapping of public urban spaces.

It carries a small computer, GPS positioning device, 802.11 wireless network transciever and a basic audiovisual recording unit. The consolidated software and hardware assembly enables automated mapping of stumbled wireless networks, easy creation of location-tagged media and opportunistic synchronization with a server re- source on the internet.

Frida V. is designed as an open project that anyone can develop their own vehicle and since the software is open source, it can be modified.

“Frida” is a project initiated by Luka Frelih. Photographs below are from the Frida Vildan vehicle which is currently the only Frida system in Istanbul developed by me with help of Luka Frelih and support of Amber Arts and Technology Platform where it is still hosted by.

Here is a test drive video with Frida V. from Karakoy, Istanbul, Turkey.