Muharrem Yildirim

Future Face Lounge

From The Future: Future Face Lounge from Steven Yazzie & Digital Preserve on Vimeo.

Future Face Lounge
Muharrem Yildirim, Steven Yazzie, Francisco Flores

Participants who entered the lounge space were invited to complete a questionnaire about their personal history on an iPad, answering questions about where grandparents and parents were from, and also where the participant imagined geographically destinations in the future. At the same time a small camera captured facial data from the participant, which was further processed along with the questionnaire data to create visualizations specific to that individual. Those new geometric forms where then projected on a screen behind the participant’s line of sight. The experience became part commentary on data collection, migration, and a revelation of reimagined futures. Over time, historical data disappeared and visual forms, abstractions relating to the participants imagined futures were the only images left in the projections in the lounge.

Exhibition, Emerge, March 2014, Phoenix, Arizona, USA