Muharrem Yildirim

Future Sphere


Since recorded history humans have searched for a glimpse of the future, pondering questions about what kinds of people we will become and what kind of future we will make. It is these very questions that stand as the foundational matrix of the FutureSphere. The FutureSphere is an interactive installation offering participants a chance to reflectively engage with the fates and receive a unique glimpse into the endless possibilities that lay ahead.

Whether its personal questions or queries about society as a whole, FutureSphere is the place to get the answers. Merging the age old practices of palmistry and divination, the FutureSphere is a novel interactive space allowing users to pose their queries through direct questions and palm scanning to receive custom fortunes about their lives, the lives of those they love and about the future of the world they live in.

Will our dreams be sold as entertainment? When cars fly, what kind will I have? Will my clothes actually reflect my mood? These questions and many more are what make the FutureSphere a one-of-a-kind experience.

Led by Art Professor Hilary Harp, FutureSphere is a collaborative work by MFA student Haylee Bolinger, and Media, Arts + Science Doctoral Students Nicole Williams and Muharrem Yildirim.

CONCEPT DESIGN: Nicole Williams, Muharrem Yildirim, Haylee Bollinger, Hilary Harp.
STRUCTURE: Haylee Bolinger, Hilary Harp, Humberto Hogan
SOFTWARE: Muharrem Yildirim, Nicole Williams, Jamelia Gray

Developed with openFrameworks & Processing

Exhibition, Emerge: Redesigning the future, March 2012, Tempe, Arizona, USA