Muharrem Yildirim

GML Recording Machine

Here is the documentation from the workshop that was held at Constant in Brussels Belgium. [Pictures]

Here you can see GML Recording Machine in action in the streets of Vienna, Austria.

GML (Graffiti Markup Language) Recording Machine is a DIY device that is capable of capturing and writing a spray can’s movement to a microSD card. With two separate strings attached to each foot of the graffiti writer -writer needs to keep his/her feet still- (also can be attached to the wall, to keep the writer’s feet free), position of the spray can is tracked during the tag writing process. These string’s length are measured by a simple ball mouse where these strings turns the X and Y rollers inside the mouse and the strings are retracted by two retractable tape measures. These measurements are processed by an Arduino and stored in an SD card to be converted to GML later on.

This device can be constructed using and modifying everyday found materials such as:
Arduino SD Shield
- Retractable tape measure x 2
- Ball mouse
- Strings
- Water tube to attach the spray can
- A nut and a bolt (too keep the can attached and adjust the height)


Workshop, GML Recording Machine, VERBINDINGEN/JONCTIONS 13, Brussels, Belgium
Exhibition, PlayFace InterCult, quartier21, Vienna, Austria