Muharrem Yildirim


Collaborators: Yasemin Yildirim, Onur Güngör, Nese D. Akbas

The main aim of the project is to create a multimodal interaction with the visitors. The interaction concept is directly related with the process which is the product itself and anticipates a collective involvement. Installation space (also the performance space) which consists of an empty room and an empty box is in fact a digital space which creates an physically interactable artificial space. This immaterial space is constantly rebuilt and mate- rialized by the visitors’ activity. Every piece of hair which is dropped by the visitor (by using the scissors) to the specially designated area (the empty box) is actually a type of organic data input used for activating this digital space. Each organic data input corresponds to a realtime visual and sonic output. While projecting this image to the screen, the bodies of the visitors also create shadows on the image. This provides an interaction opportunity by merely moving the body. Body becomes the interface to interact with the falling pieces on the screen.

Today’s technology culture is a process in which everyone participates by sharing little pieces from their own lives thus making the virtual reality physical in many degrees. Especially, the rational way of thinking that we are accustomed to in our daily life can be inverted in this materialization process. Every day millions of photos are uploaded to the various social networking sites, at the same time billions of bits are streamed back and forth the shopping sites. Like in these systems, visitors interact with our installation using their authentic input. But this time, the data input is not a part of the virtual reality that is to be constructed rather it is concrete enough to be cut by scissors, be touched, become a part of the reality and even a part of the body itself. In a similar man- ner, interaction and haptic experience in a virtual world driven by the physics rules will definitely mingle our minds. In a point which the interface disappears and the digital interaction is employed by organic data input, virtual and physical reality will come closer and the distinct definitions and borders between them will dim. By posing the visitor as an active supplier of organic data input, the relation between the visitor and the artwork is redefined in an unusual way.

Idea was developed in collaboration with Onur Gungor, Nese D. Akbas and Yasemin Yildirim. Installation was set up by Onur Gungor, Nese D. Akbas and me.

The program that was used to track people and enable them to interact with the falling hairpieces on the screen was developed in collaboration with Onur Gungor. I developed the system which was detecting the real hairpieces dropped to the black box in the middle of the installation.

Video below is from Kayitdisi ’03 doku[n on 11 Feb 2010 at Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul

Site specific installation, Kayitdisi ’03 doku[n, February 2010, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey