Muharrem Yildirim

POVV [Prisoner of View / Point of War]


[Prisoner of View / Point of War] How many hours of the day do you spend in front of a screen? In a cubicle? In this supposed “era of global interconnection,” do you feel more connected? Or has actual experience been replaced, and if so, how can we reconnect? Thirteen theatre artists across the country and around the globe investigate the new questions of human connectedness in the digital age by mixing physical virtuosity, poetic language, pop culture and innovative interactive media. POV explores questions of identity, surveillance, and the new American Dream in this world premiere by Punctum, the resident experimental theatre company of the ASU School of Theatre and Film.

I developed a Twitter Client with Processing to be used during the theater performance. Client was communicating with different parts of the system during the performance also allowing the audience to be part of the performance in real time.

Performance, POVV [Prisoner of View / Point of War], Lyceum Theatre, September-October 2012, Tempe, Arizona, USA