Muharrem Yildirim

Reaktif Hokey

Collaborators: Onur Gungor

Reaktif Hokey is a game played with ordinary table tennis rackets which very much resembles the game known as air hockey. In this game, the players handle mallets and compete for scoring goals with the puck on a table parallel to the ground. However, in Reaktif Hokey, we move the table to the wall and unlike the air hockey, there is no puck -at least physically-, and players handle table tennis rackets to interact with the virtual puck projected on the wall.

Building this game was an opportunity for us to experiment with a new modality between the human and the computer. In this new modality, humans do not need to use alienated devices. Although it can be argued that the table tennis rackets can be easily regarded as devices, at least they are more suitable for transmitting hand motion than the keyboard or the mouse.

Idea was developed by me and Onur Gungor. The game was developed using Processing by me.

Game was also sending the results of each game to its Twitter account. Twitter and Processing integration was programmed by Onur Gungor.

Complete documentation for the project can be reached from here.

Installation, Free Software and Open Source days, May 2009, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey