Muharrem Yildirim



Inspired by the story behind the album cover of Unknown Pleasures.

“Peter Saville, who had previously designed posters for Manchester’s Factory club in 1978, designed the cover of the album. Morris chose the image used on the cover, which is based on an image of radio waves from pulsar CP 1919, from The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy. Saville reversed the image from black-on-white to white-on-black and printed it on textured card for the original version of the album.”

Visualization created from the frame by frame analysis of the movie Sunshine. Each frame’s average RGB color corresponds to a single line in the design and the whole movie is represented within a single page document. Each line’s height changes with the brightness of the frame.

International Design & Crafts Invitation Exhibition 2012 presented by Korean Industrial Artists’ Association (KIAA) Jun 14 ~ Jun 18, 2012 at KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, South Korea