Muharrem Yildirim

The Living Desert + Microcosmos

Collaborators: Matthew Briggs

These visualizations are derived from a goal to combine nature, media and aesthetic beauty. Each visualization is taken from a documentary on natural life. The first one borrows from the Disney documentary “The Living Desert” made in 1953 by James Algar which looks at the life of the Arizona desert. The second one borrows from the film “Microcosmos”, a 1996 documentary by Claude Nuirdsany and Marie Perennou which delves into the lives of small insects.

The imagery is composed of the average color of every second of video. This is then realized using an algorithm called “Voronoi Diagram” to seperate the colors into a descending timeline.





Exhibition, International Design & Crafts Invitation Exhibition 2013 presented by Korean Industrial Artists’ Association (KIAA), July 2013, SAGA S-platz Gallery, Saga, Japan